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Know this about Health…

Healthy is when you are at your center, in a state of homeostasis. All of your body parts are functional and working efficiently and communicating with each other. Health starts from within, your thoughts effect your health dramatically. The placebo effect is a prime example, you can create diseases and promote health with your mind! You’re either grow or decay, no in between. If you want to be healthy, you must promote thoughts that promote growth, positivity, and acceptance. You must also mute thoughts that bring you down, don’t encourage you to be the best you can be. Look for these thoughts and be aware of them, good intentions to you young travelers.


Equilibrumx helping you reach your full potential.

Blac Powd


Blac Powd

Blac Powd-Available for purchase now
      $2.00 for the 1.oz on the right

    Blac Powd contains activated charcoal, superb for removing toxins from the skin and inside the body. Add 1. tsp to 4.oz of water

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